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Article 1 - "Do All Your Princes Turn Into Frogs?"

Many women complain that men change; they start out wonderful and then progressively become less generous, less open, less patient, less interested, less caring... less everything we want. They start out princes and turn into frogs. It happens in romance, families, even the workplace.

Women also complain that men don't change – no matter how much we criticize their...

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Article 2 - "The Princess or The Queen -- Who Really Gets the Fairy Tale Ending?"

In the fairy tales, it's always the princess who gets the man, and the Queen is compassionate but ineffectual, or some evil apple peddler. In the real world, "Princess" has become a stereotype no woman wants to be: a frail, high maintenance, damsel in distress. And what successful woman wants to be that??

Instead, what most of us are seeking is a way to embody...

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Article 3 - "Love & Liberation: Out of the Frying Pan & Into the Fire"

Not so long ago, women were mostly dependent upon men. Your mothers or grandmothers may remember that time. If you're old enough (I almost am), you may remember it yourself: a limited number of career opportunities; no personal credit (seriously, you needed a man to get a mortgage); ridicule for the desire to be an engineer, a doctor, or hold political office; even planning on not getting...

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Article 4 - "He Doesn't Talk for a Reason"

Few things are as frustrating as getting a man to talk. We probe. We plead. We lead by example! We carry the conversation and wait for him to reciprocate. And when none of that works, we decide he's withholding, or emotionally unavailable, or sometimes just boring!

Why is getting men to talk so hard???

Because we are dealing with a fundamentally different...

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Article 5 - "Don't Tell Me What To Feel"

One of the most difficult things for the masculine mind to understand is feminine feelings. It simply doesn't understand what it's like to be a feelings-based organism. But for the feminine, it's very simple: we aren't making a big deal out of our feelings – our feelings ARE a big deal.

Contrary to popular thinking, the difficulty with women's feelings doesn't come...

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